A snowy day with a little person

First we had a snack, then we took 20 minutes to bundle up, then we braved the snow, then we came in for hot (warm) chocolate. It's the way snow days are supposed to be for kiddos, and I didn't mind it either. The only thing missing was the fluff in the hot chocolate, but I'll be sure to have some on hand for the next snow play day.

It took Julian a while to realize he could walk in the snow. He would have just stood there frozen all day, except Mongo decided to keep knocking him over while she played in the snow. He had a much easier time walking in the street and seemed to love being out.

I hope everyone had a great time playing in the snow too!

Happy New Year :: Boston based wedding and lifestyle photographer

Happy 2017!

The calendar flips another month and another year and it always feels like a clean slate in a way. Not sure why, but I never used to give it much thought. The New Year was just a reason to be with friends, wear glittery hats, and smooch with my love well past our bedtime. This year and those most recent, we haven't made it to midnight and I couldn't be happier about it. We wake up early, and a late night means a groggy day. I love waking early, cooking, cleaning, and feeling as if I've gotten in a full day before it's noon.

The clean slate of the new year has been important in the years since I've had my business. I feel it's important to reflect on the past year to see what I did well, what I want to do better, and then make a plan to do that. I make my plan for the new year first, then I reflect. What can I say, I work backwards.

Last year I wrote my new years blog and I was giddy with excitement about what I had in store for the new year. Looking back, the year I had blew the year I expected out of the water. The pictures below tell a story of many stories that I was incredibly lucky enough to document. I met many newborns, documented weddings, and took pictures of families just living their lives. To top it all off, most of the newborn shoots involved dogs! Seriously... weddings, kiddos, babies AND dogs!? 2016 was not so bad, but I am quite excited for 2017 and all that it has in store. Before we get a full day into 2017, I'm happy to share my favorites from this year.

Much love and health to all my friends this year. I truly hope you have begun 2017 in the best way and I thank you so much for all the opportunities you have given me as your family photographer.

To get more information on a wedding, newborn or lifestyle photography session, please contact me! I look forward to the opportunity to spend time documenting your family, and providing pictures for you to cherish in the years to come.

The Ward family :: Boston Family Photographer

Meet the Wards!

I spent a little time with this great family during a day that they played, carved pumpkins, and took a little time for a few family pictures. We had so much fun capturing their daily life and the messy tradition that is pumpkin carving. During one of the quick moments that we grabbed a family picture while the kids we throwing up bunny ears, Mom said "ok one serious picture, or we are going to take standard family pics". Knowing this was more fun, the kids did a quick look at the camera and we grabbed a couple of the standard pictures. I loved that. Pictures should be fun and I really hope the kids look back on them when they are older and remember the day as a being positive family experience, not a chore.

The Wards wanted these picture to capture a hopeful time in their life after some difficult times they have gone through. The last time they had family pictures was after Nick's esophageal cancer diagnosis, and before treatment, and they are hard to view as happy and hopeful family pictures. They now have a collection of pictures that document a small snippet of their life as a family and a fun day to reflect back on in the years to come.

I truly enjoyed taking these pictures for them, and I feel so honored to have been invited into their home to take them.

To learn more about esophageal cancer, visit: https://www.ecaware.org/

To get more information on a lifestyle family photography session, please contact me! I look forward to the opportunity to spend time documenting your family, and providing pictures for you to cherish in the years to come.

Welcoming Piper :: Boston Newborn Photographer

Please join me in welcoming little baby Piper!

I met with Piper, her Mom, Dad and pup Tut when she was 6 weeks old for their lifestyle session in their home. She has to be one of the squishiest little babies I have met. Although we did get her to sleep a good amount, she was pretty active and awake during the session. I love following baby's lead during a session because we are able to really capture true personalities. It was a great afternoon with some nice low summer sunlight coming through the windows, which made for some dreamy pictures. It was also an added bonus that the pup Tut was just as excited for the pictures too because he made a great model.

Congratulations to Ashley and Marc!

Welcoming Emma :: Boston newborn photographer

Join me in welcoming the sweetest little one, Emma Rose!

I was lucky enough to get to meet and photography Emma, her parents, and their dog Stella when she was just two weeks old. She was a sleepy baby during her session but she did give us some open eye time, which is always great! It's amazing how much she has already changed and I'm so happy we were able to get these pictures of her done when she was still so brand new!

Welcoming Noah :: Boston newborn photographer

I'm so proud to welcome, Noah. Not only is he my first newborn session of the season, but he is also my nephew and I love him to pieces. He has the sweetest features, and he was so alert for most of the session! Momma had to work some magic to get him sleepy so I could get some pictures with the macro. We had such a good session, and I'm really happy to have these pictures for them all to reflect on even in the next month when he has changed so much.

There is something so special about being invited into someone's home for longer than the normal newborn meet and greet time, especially with first time parents. Life has just changed so dramatically, and those first few weeks home are a whirlwind. I feel so honored to have so many families being so open to work with me during that time. It's also one of the best times to really capture the details in your life that very easily get forgotten. I look to capture what I personally loved most about welcoming my son home, and I look to capture the details that change so incredibly fast!

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Coughlin family

A little while back, I met with the Coughlin clan at an apple orchard to document a little time with them as a family. I loved chasing the adorable Ophelia around and watching her parents interact with her just as playfully. I'm so happy I was able to provide these pictures for them to look back on when she isn't as small.

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